Some facts about Amharic

  • Amharic is the working language for the Federal Government, Addis Ababa and Diredawa City Adminsitrations and SNNP region in Ethiopia
  • Amharic is the most widely spoken language in Ethiopia, both as mother tongue and second language
  • Amharic has its own writing script called "fidel" (ፊደል).
  • Ethiopian calender is different from the Gregorian calendar. Most dates used in Amharic writings are in Ethiopian calender

Some facts about Afaan Oromoo (a.k.a Oromiffaa or Oromo)

  • Afaan Oromoo/Oromiffaa is the most widely spoken tongue among Cushitic family languages and the second widely spoken language in Ethiopia.
  • Afaan Oromoo uses latin alphabet as a writing script and this alphabet is called ‘Qubee’
  • Apart the Ethiopian Oromo people, there are many afaan oromoo speakers in Somalia and Kenya as well. This makes the language one of 5 most widely spoken languages (as a mother tongue) in Africa.
  • Afaan Oromoo is working language in Oromia Region of Ethiopia
  • Apart from 26 consonants and 5 long & 5 short vowels, afaan oromoo has digraphs like ch, dh, ny, ph, sh, they are called ‘qubee dachaa’